Training Design Service

Are you looking to use a bespoke Organisational Resilience training solution for your organisation? Or looking to introduce resilience modules into your existing web-based training? Entry-level or advanced?

We are subject matter experts and understand an organisation’s training needs. We can also draw on our experience of consultancy and of designing and delivering Ofqual-registered training material to help you achieve your resilience learning objectives.

Webinar-based training is suddenly viewed very much as the norm - in fact, we may never go back to traditional classroom-based training in the way that it was used before the COVID-19 pandemic. Platforms such as Zoom make it incredibly easy to deliver training in a flexible and cost-effective way and provide new opportunities to engage and interact with a dispersed workforce.

Central to this is the organisation’s ability to use standard software tools during the design and preparation of material, thus avoiding many of the costs and delays previously associated with offline content development. This also makes it much easier, of course, for the organisation to retain control throughout the process.

The detail of any training solution should be unique to each situation, but we also understand that clients often find it useful to have an indication of fees and of our general approach. Having provided us with an overview of their training needs and objectives, our initial focus would be on seeking to understand the organisation’s overall resilience stance and then offering some initial ideas about potential areas or components which we could concentrate upon.

It is normal for clients to associate existing programmes or initiatives with their interest in Organisational Resilience, be that an aspect of safety, security, governance or a specific change event. Being able to draw out and make sense of these connections is key to our offering and is something highly valued by any training audience. We are also able to separate resilience-related thinking from that which is better addressed by business continuity or crisis management training.

Fees for the design and development of a 90-minute module to DipHE / foundation degree level would typically be no more than £1450+vat. All project fees are fixed at the outset, and material is presented in standard, open-access formats which can be easily updated. There are no licence or user fees to pay. We also offer a free refresh service after 6 and 12 months to ensure that your training material remains current.

Please contact us to discuss your training needs in more detail.

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